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Something Real.

Love and relationships- A mix of emotions, behaviors, and beliefs associated with strong feelings of affection, protectiveness, warmth, and respect for another person. Now most of us get fantasised or assume love to be the way it is in movies, a girl and a boy look at each other and within a few seconds theyContinue reading “Something Real.”


Rhea saw from her beautiful brown eyes ,they were like the forest ,like the autumnal hues the rain drops when they cascaded from the sky she could see through the curtain of water, the dimmed lights of the sprawling city an avalanche of dark chocolate hair tumbled out of her swim cap in a tousledContinue reading “SILENT MEMORIES”

Speak Up!

Don’t be shy it is okay to cry, That smile is the reason why I am ready to walk a hundred mile. I know you sometimes feel like a bird with a broken wing, Damaged by all the bad you’ve heard and seen, I know we all seem to show that there is nothing wrongContinue reading “Speak Up!”


Life gives us left, Life gives a right, Sometimes we have to choose. But every path is right when I am with you. She lit up my life like she lights up the night, With a smile so bright there’s a glare. Now I think of her when there are stars in the sky, AndContinue reading “LOVE.”

The Operation.

“Let us go buy the game you wanted!’’ said Niraj to his daughter. They both stepped out brimming with excitement when they bought the game. Christmas time was something when everyone wanted to buy gifts and sweets with large feasts and the wood fire, it gave warmth both physical and emotional. When they were returningContinue reading “The Operation.”


She would have played in the mud, in the river and in the rain, She would have chewed the sugarcane with delight, and seen the villagers in wonder. As we pray to gods to her too we would pray. But there”s no mud, river or rain. Before she even saw us and waved her trunkContinue reading “Wonder!”

Daily Musings Pt.2

The grass probably won”t be greener, No matter where I roam, Because if you are not by my side I would never call it home. I hope somedays you feel alive, And I hope you fall in love and it cures your fear of heights, And I hope somebody treats you right, I hope theyContinue reading “Daily Musings Pt.2”

Daily Musings.

You are just like the Charlie Chaplin film in which not a single word needs to be spoken. But just a look from your eyes and I know nothing else will be broken The sunset could end and all the electricity could go out, There could be not a star in the sky due toContinue reading “Daily Musings.”


“Clean this properly!” bellowed the warden at Krishna who was reading a book on the Utility Curve of Microeconomics. Krishna was just like any ordinary student but what distinguished him from the others was his dedication to study. It was raining with the cobblestones wet, the wintry temperature casted the water film into ice.The homesContinue reading “THE SOLUTION.”


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